I have known Robert Pomper for over 10 years as a fellow attorney in the community. During this time I have referred multiple business clients of mine to him for their family law needs. Every client has been extremely satisfied. If you have a divorce case that involves a business you own, Robert is well versed in these types of cases.


I highly recommend Pomper Price, LLC for family law. As a fellow attorney in a different practice area, I have worked several times with Mr. Pomper over the years. Not only does he personally care about his clients and their legal matters, but he works hard and is crazy smart, which is something a person needs in their counsel.


It's with great pleasure to recommend Trista for any complex Family Law matter. Her attention to detail, impeccable memory, and thorough skillset in the courtroom explains why it was apparent Judges respect and listen to her. Complex cases can be challenging when small details can make or break the outcome, and with Trista leading the strategy, I was fortunate to have a favorable outcome. Her investment in her clients cases is sincere and genuine. I was happy with the outcome, while she was critical of herself wanting more in OUR case (she's in it for you and your family more than I've seen any other attorney invest in their families). Opposing counsel in this case was a stereotypical type of attorney. One who liked to play on words, make assumptions and toe the line of transparency and honesty. Trista was phenomenal at weeding through the drama, their smoke and mirrors courtroom show, and keep the facts of the law clear and concise to the court. At the end of the day, this approach has won her a lot of credibility with Judges across many counties. A factor to consider when you're looking for representation in the family courtroom is who has good rapport with the Judges, not who's the "bulldog"... although, I'd definitely say she was a "bulldog" in my case as well since nothing seemed to rattle or distract her. #LaserSharp #HighlyRecommend


I have a professional relationship with Rob. Through my experience with him, I know he cares about family and people. So much so that he encourages potential clients to exhaust every last effort to reconcile the marriage before he accepts them as clients. While representing a client he strives for best possible wholistic solutions for the family, often under very difficult circumstances.


Robert is a reputable, dedicated family law attorney who provides thoughtful counsel. He has extensive experience with divorce, child custody and marital agreement representation.


I wish that I had hired Robert Pomper from the beginning of my divorce proceedings. My previous two lawyers at different firms did not give me all options to explore for custody for my children. I agreed to 50/50% custody and joint decision making when my children were three. I thought that things would get better for my children and we could co-parent together effectively. This was not the case. I was in a high conflict situation with my ex about decisions that should be easy. I retained Robert, because he had strategies for my case and how to execute them. I have retained Robert two times because he gets you the results you want. He has made a huge difference to the quality of my life with my children. The first time I retained him he helped get my children into therapy and obtain more custody. A year later, things were still not working for my children at the other house, so I went back for more custody and decision making. Robert was a master with negotiating with my ex to get this for my children. My ex was very angry at times, but Robert explained his options to him in a fair and calm manner. He even deescalated my angry ex and we were able to work together for a resolution. I received custody of my children and decision making without going to court, thanks to Robert. He is always prepared and advocates what is best for children. Robert has a great professional demeanor, along with a welcomed sense of humor making the situation bearable and this allowed me to remain calm and sane and focused on the well-being of my children during a tumultuous time in my life. Robert developed a collaborative working relationship and made me feel like I was his only client and worked diligently to achieve a positive parenting outcome for me and a better outcome for my children. I will forever be grateful to Robert for all he has done for our family. When I first retained Robert my kids were six, now they are eleven--- I can’t tell you how his help and expertise had changed the course of our lives in a positive way. Robert is very helpful in thinking long-term instead of on the immediate. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a sound lawyer. Thank you!


When you realize you need an attorney, well, things are already not that great in your life. The right attorney does not just make a difference, they ARE the difference. The right attorney will not only fight for your rights, but also make sure that you are treated fairly. Treated fairly by the court, treated fairly by opposing counsel and even treated fairly by their own firm. Robert Pomper is such an attorney. But he is much, much more. Robert took the time to really speak with me and keep me up to date on every aspect of my case. Moreover, he included me on strategy meetings and not only accepted my input but actually applied it. I felt as though we were a team, every step of the way. His knowledge of the law is impressive, but his knowledge of the judges/magistrates, opposing counsel and even his knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of potential mediators and their ability to understand the complexities of my case, made a settlement possible. Robert knew who would understand the complex finances and irregularities of my case and who would struggle. This helped us formulate strategies, craft arguments and steer our case through the often confusing and ever-changing seas of litigation, safely to shore. Robert is a great attorney, but more importantly he is a good man. He is the man you want next to you.


Best decision I made was hiring Trista to handle my parenting time dispute.


Robert Pomper was not only an excellent attorney for me at a critical time in my life, but he was a great advisor and friend. Robert was very thorough and professional at all times. In the end, I got an excellent settlement. Divorce is difficult for so many reasons. You can't afford to take a chance on just any attorney - Robert will offer you the best representation!


Trista was SO helpful with my divorce! She worked around the clock to help make things right for me.


Robert Pomper has been my lawyer and go to subject matter expert for all my post decree issues regarding the custody of my kid since 2013. I have needed Robert many times through the years and will continue to rely on Robert in the coming years. Having to continually deal with a high conflict parallel parenting situation, Robert is always able to bring calmness to very stressful and emotional situations, able to provide clarity and peace of mind through his strategies and is extremely professional and will advocate for your case effectively. I highly recommend and do refer Robert to anyone needing guidance during these times in their life. You will not regret having Robert by your side.


Robert Pomper handled my case. Despite the many unexpected twists and turns that were thrown our way, he was willing to dive in and find the best solution. I felt Robert always wanted what was best for me and was willing to fight for it. I highly recommend Robert for your family law needs.


Settlement Agreements --- After many attempts both on my own and retaining three separate attorneys, nothing was changing. I was still stuck with an unresolved Settlement Agreement. Slowly I was committing to never being free of the situation until I spoke to Mr. Pomper. He was the only attorney determined to reach a solution for the post divorce Settlement Agreement. Mr. Pomper displayed experience and dedication critically analyzing my case and formulated an approach. During the process, he stayed in touch and explained the procedures as the case moved towards a successful conclusion. Looking back, the only change I would make ..... hire Mr. Pomper first.