Do I need an divorce attorney in Colorado?

Navigating this process alone is extremely difficult. For cases that can resolve without a court hearing, the JDF forms provided by the court often do not contain enough detail to prevent future conflict, especially for cases involving children or cases involving more complex financials.

The family law attorneys at Pomper Price, LLC, through their combined 35 years of experience, know the common pitfalls of non-contested divorces and can help you avoid them.

For cases that do not settle, having an attorney is invaluable. As an unrepresented party, you will be held to the same standard as an attorney if you are forced to go to a contested hearing. This means you will be expected to know the applicable law, the rules of evidence, and be able to present your case to the judge.

Mistakes made by you can have devastating and life-altering consequences. The cost of fixing these mistakes (if they can be fixed at all), is typically much more expensive than had the person just retained an attorney to begin with.

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