It’s with great pleasure to recommend Trista for any complex Family Law matter. Her attention to detail, impeccable memory, and thorough skillset in the courtroom explains why it was apparent Judges respect and listen to her. Complex cases can be challenging when small details can make or break the outcome, and with Trista leading the strategy, I was fortunate to have a favorable outcome. Her investment in her clients cases is sincere and genuine. I was happy with the outcome, while she was critical of herself wanting more in OUR case (she’s in it for you and your family more than I’ve seen any other attorney invest in their families). Opposing counsel in this case was a stereotypical type of attorney. One who liked to play on words, make assumptions and toe the line of transparency and honesty. Trista was phenomenal at weeding through the drama, their smoke and mirrors courtroom show, and keep the facts of the law clear and concise to the court. At the end of the day, this approach has won her a lot of credibility with Judges across many counties. A factor to consider when you’re looking for representation in the family courtroom is who has good rapport with the Judges, not who’s the “bulldog”… although, I’d definitely say she was a “bulldog” in my case as well since nothing seemed to rattle or distract her. #LaserSharp #HighlyRecommend