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    Colorado Divorce Lawyers

    At Pomper Price, LLC, we offer personalized, dedicated representation during complex divorces. We operate throughout Denver Metro and all along The Front Range.

    If you do not know where to start, please call 720-780-8288. We will attempt to clarify your situation and establish some first steps during a free, no-obligation appointment. However, you may generally expect the following five stages:

    • Filing your case documents
    • Exchanging financial disclosures
    • Investigating inconsistencies in those disclosures
    • Agreeing to terms during mediation
    • Courtroom procedures to officialize your agreement or resolve disputes

    Contested Divorce

    Nearly every divorce includes some disagreement or conflict. In contested divorces, mediation or independent talks fail to resolve those disagreements. This typically means that the case goes to trial.

    During trial, you can usually expect a detailed, formal process. There are opportunities for each side to present statements, react and so on. Contested divorce is usually slower and costlier than mediation, but it provides a level of official oversight that mediation does not.

    We have extensive experience with litigated cases. While it is generally most beneficial to avoid trial, we are fully prepared to represent you in court. We also accept clients who need a divorce trial lawyer to handle disputes that did not resolve in mediation. Please contact us at 720-780-8288 if you need assistance at any stage of your case.

    Non-Contested Divorce

    If you and your spouse agree on the majority of the issues in your divorce — or if you simply wish to avoid the cost and public nature of a trial — then your first option would probably be a non-contested divorce. We resolve non-contested divorces via an array of alternative dispute resolution techniques:

    • Auditing paperwork
    • Performing independent investigations
    • Analyzing business and asset division proposals
    • Organizing parenting agreements
    • Mediating discussions
    • Advising on long-term feasibility of plans

    The non-contested process is based on cooperation, but it is not necessarily simple or easy. Our goal is to create a strong, long-lasting agreement that works for your specific family situation — sometimes, that takes significant dedication.

    Divorce Strategies

    Our attorneys have over 35 years of combined experience. We have detailed knowledge of the divorce system in Colorado, and we have handled all types of child custody, business division, asset division, and alimony disputes.

    Pomper Price, LLC, offers the type of experience and knowledge that you find at the big national firms. We also have the infrastructure. We have access to satellite offices spanning the entire Denver area, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. However, we are still a boutique practice. We pride ourselves on how closely we work with our clients, identifying specific goals and maintaining communications throughout the process.

    Do not wait to ask your questions about divorce. These processes take time, and your position is likely to be better the earlier you start. Call us at 720-780-8288 to request your free initial consultation — virtual appointments are also available.



    Robert Pomper has been my lawyer and go to subject matter expert for all my post decree issues regarding the custody of my kid since 2013. I have needed Robert many times through the years and will continue to rely on Robert in the coming years…I highly recommend and do refer Robert to anyone needing guidance during these times in their life. You will not regret having Robert by your side.


    Robert Pomper was not only an excellent attorney for me at a critical time in my life, but he was a great advisor and friend. Robert was very thorough and professional at all times. In the end, I got an excellent settlement. Divorce is difficult for so many reasons. You can’t afford to take a chance on just any attorney – Robert will offer you the best representation!


    Pomper & Price Specializes in Family law and represents clients throughout the Denver Metro area and along the Front Range.


    Whether a contested, or non-contested divorce, Pomper Price, LLC has the experience and dedication needed to effectively represent you.

    Child Custody

    We understand the goal of child custody is to reach an agreement that works for you and your children. Our team will work with you to identify your goals and work toward achieving them.


    Our attorneys have a combined 35 years of experience, allowing us to analyze cases in greater detail and establish strong grounds for appeals.

    All Family Law Matters

    Pomper Price, LLC represents clients in all areas of family law. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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